Scope of Work and Agreement


Assessment of building work compliance with BCA Section J
The party requesting the assessment (client) and the party undertaking the assessment (assessor) agree to the following:



 BCA provisions  Building  Code  of Australia  Volume  One Section J
 Compliance  Building work  BCA provisions that apply for the building work
 Calculations and settings  Variables that determine building work compliance
 As-built  Completed building work that satisfies the applicable BCA provisions by complying with Acceptable Construction Practice (ACP)  and  nominated  calculations  and  settings
  Required information   Information that is needed to determine calculations and settings
 Building work documents  Documents provided by the client and then used by the assessor to determine compliance.
 Compliance  report  Scope of work agreement  Describes the terms, client undertakings, assessor undertakings,required information, and how calculations and settings will bedetermined (this document)
 Building work (Section J) report   Nominates the scope of building work compliance and thecalculation & settings that apply to achieve compliance
 Defined Terms  BCA  Shown in Italics
 Scope of Work  Shown in Bold
 Abbreviations  R-Value shown as R
  Total R-value shown as Rt




Building workdocuments Providing the assessor with building work documents in an electronic format (unsecured PDF) that show the required information applicable to the building work
Additions and/or changes The assessor is authorised to nominate additions and/or changesto building work documents in the calculations and settings as needed to achieve building work compliance
As-built compliance Amending  building work documents The client is responsible for amending the building work documents as needed to reflect the compliance report
Building work variations The client is responsible for seeking verification that any changeto the building work does not result in non-compliance
Lighting design The client is responsible for seeking verification that the lighting design does not exceed nominated maximum allowances for loss of ceiling insulation and/or artificial lighting wattage
The client is responsible for achieving as-built compliance



Site Plan
Address   Lot Number/Street number, suburb and postcode
Orientation   True North shown as a bearing relative to the building
Footprint   Location of all buildings and boundary setbacks
Neighbouring  structures   Buildings   Footprint and roof line of existing buildings adjacent to each boundary
  Ground levels, fences and boundary retaining walls   Adjacent property ground levels and/or the location and height of new and/or existing boundary retaining walls and fences
Floor Plan
Walls   Dimensioned or to scale floor plan showing external and internal walls
Doors   Location and size of external and internal doors
External glazing   Location, width and extent of shading
Ceiling   Extent of change to internal and external ceiling line (bulkheads, coffered, raked or other non-standard  ceilings)
Space heating and/orcooling   Location of open fireplace or slow combustion heater
  Location of the a flued gas heater or a gas bayonet point for an unflued gas heater
Ceiling fans   Location and diameter
Vents   Number and location of ceiling or wall vents
Roof lights   Location, roof glazing type and orientation, ceiling diffuser type, shaft insulation, and roof and ceiling opening size
Floor height Height of suspended floors above ground level
Ceiling height For each storey, including coffered, raked or other changes in ceiling line
External glazing Height, type (glazed or solid, timber or aluminium) and opening configuration (sliding, awning)



Constructions and Sections
Roof Construction of coffered, raked or other non-standard roof areas
Walls Construction and materials of internal and external walls
Floors Construction of ground and intermediate floors (slab on-ground, suspended timber or concrete)
Construction of ground level suspended floor perimeter enclosure
Electrical plan
Lighting Number and type (ceiling mounted, recessed downlight) of light(s)
Number and location of vented recessed downlights
Exhaust fans Number location of exhaust fans
Roof Type of roof cover (tiled, metal sheet)
Colour of roof cover
Extent R- Value of ceiling and/or under roof insulation
Number and opening area of roof vents (ridge, eave, whirlybird)
External walls Extent and R-Value of added insulation
Floors Type and extent of floor coverings
Extent and R-Value of any ground and/or intermediate floor added insulation
Extent and R-Value of any ground floor perimeter enclosure added insulation
External glazing Thermal performance (frame and glazing type, or supplier code, or U &SHG values)



Assessment of compliance Reviewing the building work documents, nominate the  scope  of  building work  compliance  in the building work report, calculating a star rating, and then nominating the calculations and/or settings  that  apply  for  building work  compliance
Additions and/or changes If the building work document do not provide the requiredinformation and/or the assessor determines  that the building work does not achieve compliance, then the assessor can either advise the client the assessment cannot be completed or nominate calculations  and/or  settings in the calculations & settings that have been used to achieve compliance
Lighting design Lighting design assessment is NOT within the scope of works. Maximum allowances will be nominated for loss of ceiling insulation and artificial lighting wattage.
Compliance report Providing the client with a compliance report in an electronic format  (unsecured  PDF)
Calculations and Specification
This specification describes the scope of building work assessment and how calculations and settings are determined. Calculations and settings DO NOT include ACP that is required for building work compliance when that ACP nominates what must be done.  For example, “J1.2 Thermal construction – general” prescribes required material compliance and Installation practices.  Assessed outcomes presume that ACP applies.