Basix Assesments

BASIX Assessments


A BASIX assessment is required as part of the planning process and is needed before plans are lodged to the council. The BASIX assessment measures your proposed development for sustainability against BASIX targets that are based on the NSW home benchmark average. Once your design has complied with BASIX a BASIX certificate can be printed and attached to your development application for submission to the council.

If your proposed design does not comply with BASIX due to conflicts with heritage controls or because it uses a new technology not recognised by BASIX, an alternate assessment can be requested.

Erating is an accredited assessor which means we can take advantage of the simulation method which gives you more flexibility in the design of your development and is not as prescriptive as the Deemed to Satisfy method of BASIX, handy if you want to make use of a greater amount of glazing or non standard design features.

You get your designer to alter the plans to meet the minimum requirements, or if you wish we can mark up the plans for you after the changes have been approved by you. We issue the final certification along with light and water calculations required. That’s it. You will have your energy efficiency documentation.

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