Glazing Prices and Options

Glazing Prices and Options

Glazing Prices and Options

We had a call here at Sustainability WA from a man we shall call Bob, who wanted some help with deciding on glazing choices in his new home in view of energy rating requirements.

Bob found it rather confusing with array of glazing and insulating choices and trying to come to a decision that made the most economic sense while adhering to the regulatory requirements of energy ratings.

As we always do at Sustainability WA we told him we would try to give him some guidance in solving his problem.

So we set about researching the options and various prices of glazing and insulating.  We looked at three types of window finishing:  standard glazing, smart glass and double glazing.

As expected we found a variation in prices for glazing and frames from supplier to supplier.  So we have taken an average price from a number of suppliers from each option to give Bob a ball park price.

Bob’s proposed house was a typical 143 m² home.  The average prices we found for this home was as follows:

           Standard Glass          $6000

           Smart Glass               $9000

           Double Glazing          $20,000

These prices did of course include frames.

In percentage terms of price variations are as follows:

           Smart glass over standard glass – in the region of plus 30%

           Double glazing over standard glazing – in the region of plus 300%

We also informed Bob that if he installed wall cavity insulation it would probably give him a 6 star energy rating, with a cost of $1,700 for his proposed home.  This would mean he could go with standard glazing and cavity wall insulating for a total cost of around $7,700 using our average price for standard glazing.  This would mean in percentage terms of plus 24% over standard glass.

So our advice to Bob was to go with standard glazing and cavity wall insulation, this being the most cost effective way of getting the best energy rating.  Of course, we did tell Bob these figures were an average and generalisation and that any decision he made, should be made after his due diligence as frame prices and glass prices vary from supplier to supplier.


Here at Sustainability WA we are always happy to help prospective clients, as we did Bob, so please feel free to contact us regarding any questions you may have on your energy ratings.



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