6-Star Energy Ratings and Ceiling Insulation Penetrations

6 Star Energy Ratings and Ceiling Insulation PenetrationsStars

May 1st 2012 is when the minimum star rating required for residential projects will be increased to 6 stars


There has been a lot of work going into investigating the effects this will have on the building industry by Sustainability WA, to ensure the changes required to building processes can be met without disruption or excessive cost.

However there is more to complying with the new energy efficiency regulations than just getting a 6 star rating from the software. The BCA has included other clauses which must be complied with, in addition to the assessment performed by your energy rating assessor.

In this article we will look at complying with the Ceiling Insulation Penetrations regulation – BCA Vol 2 In essence this regulation states that, if you have to reduce the amount of ceiling insulation due to the installation of exhaust fans, flues or recessed down lights, then the ceiling insulation needs to increase in the remainder of the ceiling to compensate for this. This is to be done AFTER your initial energy rating has been carried out.


You have an energy rating performed on a 250m² House.

This house achieves a 6 star energy rating. With specified ceiling insulation of R3.0.
Your client then decides that they want recessed down lights.
These down lights along with the exhaust fans and flues total 2.5m²
This equates to 1.0% of the ceiling space.

According to Table of the BCA the insulation you would actually need to put in would be R3.6.


When an Energy Rating is done for you by Sustainability WA the ceiling penetration calculations are included in the process.

We do this by providing you with a compliance report* that nominates the maximum percentage of ceiling insulation penetrations and removes the need to provide an electrical plan which may vary. Sustainability WA will help to ensure the energy efficiency compliance process is a smooth one.

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