Verification using a Reference Building Method(VURB)

Sustainability WA can work with you to tailor an alternative solution for BCA energy efficiency compliance with the Verification using a Reference Building assessment method (VURB). This alternative gives you flexibility to meet energy efficiency compliance and good energy efficient home design by using both the Deemed-to-Satisfy Elemental Provisions method and the thermal modelling software.

The Verification using a Reference Building assessment method uses the Elemental Provisions as a compliance benchmark. A building is modelled with the Elemental Provisions using thermal modelling software to create target annual energy consumption. The building is then designed with your desired specification and this proposed building is also modelled in the thermal software. If your proposed building uses the same or less energy than the reference target then it is deemed to comply.

Verification Using a Reference Building is a minimum performance standard, meaning any proposed building which can achieve above the reference building benchmark energy heating and/or cooling loads is deemed compliant. This process gives builders, architects and designers the freedom to design buildings that meet (or exceed) specifications while also being cost effective. With VURB a star rating is not given but rather the building complies with the energy efficient home design requirements of the BCA.

A reference building cannot be labelled as 6 stars but can be more cost effective to construct compared to 6 stars.
The VURB Method is the most effective method for energy efficiency compliance for large houses, houses with elevated floors, houses with upside down living or houses with unusual design features.

In general, it can help reduce your build costs, while still achieving energy compliance. As this requires 3 separate ratings to calculate, the assessment cost is higher, however, the outcome achieved is much more cost effective in the building stage.

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